Festival Season is here!!!  One of the biggest (and well-known) festivals is just around the corner.  The infamous Coachella takes place over 2 weekends (starting this weekend) in the Coachella Valley, just on the outskirts of LA.  I’ve made a visit or two myself, it’s definitely a once in a lifetime experience.  Great music all day and night!  🙂  Simply pure excitement for 3 days (or more) straight, minus the blistering heat and crazy sand storms.

So for those attending the various festivals nationwide (or even throwing a festival inspired party), I got a list of my Festival Must-Haves for 2017.

Let’s start with skincare, of course!

Cocokind Skincare Organic Rosewater Toner 

cocokind_organic_rosewater_facial_tonerA fosho must have!  A great product to mist before (and after makeup application), during the day, when y’all need a pick me up, or for any reason.  🙂  Cocokind has a travel friendly version, so pick one up and get your spray on.  🙂


Cocokind Skincare MYMATCHA All-Over Moisture Stick

cocokind_mymatcha_all_over_moisture_stickOh the endless possibilities with this one.  The MYMATCHA is can be used for anything and anywhere.  It’s a great overall face moisturizer and undereye product (and y’all can use it as a highlighter too).  Sometimes I use it as a hand moisturizer when I’ve washed my hands way too much.  🙂


Pacifica Ultra CC Cream Radiant Foundation

pacifica_ultra_cc_cream_radiant_foundation_spf_17An all-in-one makeup lifesaver.  This CC cream foundation provides a light coverage foundation with SPF built in.  It’s my current quick-fix foundation when I’m in a rush.  It’s just great and easy to use.  🙂


100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Blush in Pretty Naked

100%_pure_fruit_pigmented_blush_pretty_nakedThe blush that also acts like a bronzer.  It’s like the perfect mix between a rosy blush color and all-over bronzer.  No need to bring two products when y’all can just bring one.  🙂


100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Ultra Lengthening Mascara in Blueberry

100%_pure_fruit_pigmented_lengthening_mascara_blueberryOne of my top mascaras ever!  Love the way this mascara perks up my lashes and eyes.  That blue color is not very prominent, but it sure does change the lashes a bit, in an awesome way.  It like adds a bit of mystery cause it’s not so black and bold but it’s still glamourous.  🙂


Root Pretty Pretty Balm in Scarlett

root_pretty_pretty_balm_scarlettHands down the best lippie product out there in the market!  No lie and no over-exaggeration!  It’s a lip balm, lip tint, and lipstick all-in-one.  So versatile is this lippie—a light swipe for a sheer look or add more color for a beautifully bold lippie.  Love it!  🙂


Now to the body.

Suntegrity Natural Mineral Sunscreen for Body SPF 30

suntegrity_natural_mineral_sunscreen_for_body_spf_30A huge must!  Always always put on some sunscreen, y’all don’t wanna burn on the first day and look like a lobster the rest of the weekend.  🙂


Chocolate Sun Cocoa Glow Sunless Tanning Face & Body

chocolate_sun_cocoa_glowI’m always struggling to get that “summer glow,” but with the help of this sunless tanner I turn from pale to glowing.  🙂  A few days before you head out to your festival, slather this on, but be sure to prep your skin well to keep that glow nice and even.  🙂


Kopari Coconut Body Glow

kopari_coconut_body_glowExtend that summer glow with this body glow.  🙂  This glow adds a shimmer and will unknowingly complete your festival look!  🙂


Get the look(s).

Irene’s Story Tie Back Off-The-Shoulder Top

irenes_story_tie_back_off_the_shoulder_topThe hottest trend right now is off-the-shoulder anything.  Pick yourself up one or two or more of these cute tops.  🙂


Irene’s Story Denim Skater Dress

irenes_story_denim_skater_dressDon’t underestimate denim.  Great as pants or shorts but even better when worn as a dress or top.  Keep it light or dare to go dark, any denim will surely be a winner.  🙂


Monk Goods Pants

monk_goods_pantsSet the trend now with these lightweight flowy pants.  Y’all will instantly fit right in to any festival event!  It can also double as a strapless jumpsuit, just add a cute belt to pull the look together.  🙂


We can’t forget about accessorizing.  Take these with y’all.

Hipsters for Sisters Pocket Bum Bag

hipsters_for_sisters_pocket_bum_bagForget the backpack, keep it minimal with a stylish fanny pack like Hipsters for Sisters.  They got a lovely array of styles and colors to setup your festival look.  🙂


Cotton On The Round Towel

cotton_on_the_round_towel_watermelonWho doesn’t love a round towel?!?  Take this one or your favorite pattern with you to brighten up your festival lounging experience.  Y’all will have people gathering around ya!  🙂


Greydiem Float Lariat Necklace

greydiem_float_lariat_necklaceThere’s nothing a jewelry to add a statement.  Bling up your look with a bold necklace or some arm candy.  🙂


Warby Parker Raglan

warby_parker_raglanThose some shade on with a cute pair of sunnies like Raglan from Warby Parker.  Leave your black sunnies at home and opt for any of the colorful frames in various styles.  🙂


Hubalou Wrap Hair Towel

hubalou_wrap_hair_towelWho says the Hubalou is just for after the shower?  Pick up a bright color and dress up your look using this hair wrap.  It also doubles as a face scarf for when the weather gets a bit dusty.  🙂


Bkr Spiked Rosy

bkr_spiked_rosyMost of all, yall, stay hydrated!  Bring your own water bottle and take advantage of the many water stations throughout the venue, just do it with some style and spikes!  🙂


There’s the list y’all!  Grab any of these goodies before y’all head out to your festival adventure(s).  Have fun and be safe y’all!  Take lots of pictures and show me how y’all festival!!!  🙂