Hey!!!  I’m Tina.  I’m a beauty girl finding adventures in all the right places.

side_caption_01As a passionate #greenbeauty enthusiast, my love for beauty runs deep.  My beauty obsession started when I turned 30 years old.  Before then, my beauty routine consisted of an oil-free face wash and that popular yellow hued face moisturizer.  And at the time, my face was unhappy, constantly oily, highly blemish-proned, and starving for better days.

I seriously didn’t know any better and, let’s be real, I didn’t know any worse either.  I didn’t know or care about the ingredients in the products I put on my face, I just used them.  Now, I’ve long gone and upgraded my skincare stash and routine since those days, and I couldn’t be any happier.

I love discovering new adventures, but it wasn’t always like that.  Within the past few years, I’ve been on a personal journey towards self-improvement.

side_caption_02I’ve always been on a straight path in life.  At a very young age, I already knew what I wanted to do for my career.  I’ve worked hard and made many sacrifices to get to each stepping stone throughout my journey.

There were good times and hard times but each a learning experience.  However, along the way, I’ve lost touch of the simple things in life and happiness that came along with it.

side_caption_03I currently live in Los Angeles, and it can be difficult to live a simple lifestyle here.  But I’ve begun a more spiritual journey in living a more natural lifestyle where #greenbeauty plays a major role.

I know from firsthand experience how overwhelming it can be to read and learn about all things natural and organic.  But I hope to share my knowledge and experience with y’all.

When I decided to start beauty finds adventures, my deepest desire was to create a positive, honest, and transparent blog.


This blog is for those looking for an adventure about beauty and life—the good, the bad, and everything in between.

Embrace your flaws.

Inform yourself.

Strengthen your core.

Empower others.

Inspire creativity.

Reconnect with yourself.


As y’all continue with me on beauty finds adventures, y’all will notice that I reference to the past often.  It’s a way to reflect on what I’ve done in the past and how I’ve improved today.

side_caption_06My hope for y’all is that y’all find something here that makes your day a little better than it was before.  Let the beauty finds adventures continue.

With #greenbeauty love,