The one year.

Happy One Year to #beautyfindsadventures!!!  🙂  It’s been a fantastic first year of beauty and skincare.  And it’s definitely not gonna stop.  🙂  When I rung in the new 2017 year, I mentioned that I was planning to do even more, as y’all can check out my Beauty Finds 2017 Adventures post, I’ve kept my promise and there’s so much more to come!  🙂

Year one was one for the books for me and consisted of beauty galore—skincare, makeup, haircare, bodycare, etc.  My love for natural skincare runs deep and always will, as y’all can tell.  However, for year two, I’m gonna change up things a bit.  What started as a beauty focused blog is now incorporating adventures in a healthy, holistic, and sustainable lifestyle.  I believe beauty is not just about the products I put on my skin, but what I eat and drink and how I feel is just as important.  As y’all noticed, this year I starting incorporating beauty supplements, where y’all can find more info on my Indie Beauty Expo LA 2017 – Beauty Supplements post and my First Look: LoveBug Probiotics post.  🙂  So I’ll be posting more about inner beauty concepts.  Don’t worry, there will still be plenty of skincare and beauty to share with y’all.  🙂

I have a lot of projects in the works that I know y’all will love and enjoy.  But I can’t let the secrets out just yet.  🙂  But I will share that Beauty Finds Adventures isn’t the only thing changing around here.  Only recently have I increased my self-consciousness of being eco-friendly.  I grew up with the motto of “reduce, reuse, recycle,” and frequently did so as a child by recycling bottles and cans.  Now in my adult life, there’s so much more to living a sustainable lifestyle.  So I’m certainly on a hunt to “greenify” my household, and I have a series of posts that will further talk about sustainability.  🙂  With that (secret) said and done, I seriously can’t wait to share all these great finds (and more giveaways) in the upcoming months, so be sure to always stay tuned.

So here’s what y’all have been waiting for—my biggest giveaway to date.  🙂  I’ve been fortunate that I’ve met so many brands, companies, and friends along my Beauty Finds Adventures journey.  This great #greenbeauty community is so welcoming and definitely supportive.  So I want to give back to y’all!  🙂

This giveaway bundle includes (so far):

  • Spongelle’s Spongology Body Wash Infused Body Contouring Glove
  • Ursa Major Golden Hour RECOVERY CREAM
  • Florapy Detox Sheet Mask
  • Lilikoi Living Hibiscus Passion Active Hydrator
  • Lilikoi Living Bamboo Buff Exfoliating Facial Wash
  • Seoul Mamas Revitalizing Mask
  • Foxbrim Makeup Remover + Facial Oil
  • Coce Skincare Renewing Face Oil
  • Prtty Peaushun Skin Tight Body Lotion
  • Plus an array of beauty samples (as soon)

Enter below and invite y’all’s friends for extra entries.  🙂

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Things are certainly changing around here (and in my life) and this includes making healthy choices (that’s right for me).  One thing y’all don’t know about me is that I have a medical degree.  That’s right, I am a medical doctor!  🙂  I love that there has been an increase in alternatives in medicine and an increase interest in naturopathic medicine.  I believe the future in medicine will incorporate all-natural and organic alternatives, which is definitely a game-changer.  And I can’t wait to see what the future holds in nontraditional medicine.  🙂

I’ve spent a lot of time on my blog and hope to continue working and improving on it.  I changed things up on the blog itself too.  On the top menu, y’all can shop all the products I’ve mentioned and talked about on Beauty Finds Adventures with discount codes and/or affiliate links (if applicable) to directly buy from the brands themselves.  (On that note, I love buying of the brands and companies directly cause they always offer perks and samples when purchasing from them).  🙂  I’d be updating my Shop site on a frequent basis, so be sure to always check it out.  🙂  I’ve also added a Favorites section under  the Shop tab (check it out by hovering over the Shop tab).  Here’s y’all can find my curated selection of favorite beauty related (and then some) products.  These are products I’ve used and loved.  Please be aware that I will never suggest any products that I have not used for myself—whether it’s beauty, home, or good eats related products.  These are all suggestions I want y’all to know about cause I love em!  🙂  In the case that you do use my discount codes and/or affiliate links, please know that I’m genuinely and whole-heartedly grateful—all commissions go towards the maintenance and future of Beauty Finds Adventures.  🙂

So I’d love to welcome y’all to another year of beauty, finds, and adventures with a newfound ideology of Beauty Finds Adventures in inner and outer beauty.  🙂