The one that mixes my love for crafts and hexagons.

Yes!  This is totally not a beauty related post whatsoever.  However, I love to craft and have tons of ideas flowing in my head, so I wanted to change things up a bit and give y’all a taste of my other love.  My love for arts and crafts.  I’m a total DIY-er, and I’ve got a major problem with doing things myself.  I’ve had awesome project successes and embarrassing pinterest-inspired failures, but I’d love to share with y’all my latest vision-to-completed project story.

I’ve been obsessed with hexagon for quite some time now (and still am).  I’m seriously all hexagon shaped everything mentality.  I knew I wanted to incorporate hexagon into my next project.  After all, the six edge fit so well with each other.  🙂  And there’s a bare wall in the living room, and thought it would be a great idea to jazz it up.  I had a bunch of old magazines lying around.  So I wanted to recycle and do something with them.  🙂  I came up with this DIY hexagon wall décor that’s temporary (if needed) and won’t damage the walls.  I designed it so that it’s not only a decoration, but useful to pin up paperwork and such.  Personally, I think it’s s’cute and chic and totes my (current) style.  Wanna learn how to many it yourself?  Well, keep reading 🙂

diy_hexagon_wall_decor_things_youll_needWhat y’all will need:

  • Old magazines
  • Corkboard
  • Ruler
  • Cutting mat
  • Exacto knife or paper cutter
  • Scissors
  • Double sides tape
  • Decorative paper
  • Modge podge
  • Painters tape

It’s pretty simple, but it takes a bit of love and dedication to complete the project.  Y’all will need to start with a hexagon shaped template.  I simply went on youtube and found this Make a Hexagon from a Rectangle video.

Once I made my own, this hexagon shape was the basic template I used to cut the magazines.  Depending on your desired wall décor thickness as well as the thickness of the magazine, I split the magazines in half using the exacto knife.  From there, I lined the spine of the magazine to one edge of the hexagon template and stenciled the remaining five edges.  These stencils will direct where to cut the magazine to end up with a hexagon shape.  It’s important to keep the spine of the magazine as one edge to hold all that paper together.  This is the tedious part because y’all have to cut through layers of paper with an exacto knife, but if y’all have a paper cutter that’s even better.  🙂

You should end up with what looks like this. diy_hexagon_wall_decor_magazine

From here it gets easier.  Y’all can now get you’re creative juices flowing.  I opted for a gold, black, and white color palette with corkboard to make it multifunctional.  🙂 diy_hexagon_wall_decor_wrapping

I wrapped the hexagons in white paper to offset the magazine images.  Fortunately, a regular piece of white paper was enough to cover my hexagon shapes.  I used doubled sized tape to help me keep the wrapping paper in place. diy_hexagon_wall_decor_white_hexagon

Then I wrapped the now white hexagon shape in my desired colored paper, again using double sided tape.  I simple used gold and black colored tissue paper I had lying around the home for this. diy_hexagon_wall_decor_cork_pocket

I also had corkboard and used the original hexagon shaped template to cut out hexagon shapes of the cork.  I decided to then further cut the hexagon pieces to create pockets to help make the wall décor multifunctional, as shown.  Here is where the details and creativities are endless.  Y’all can adjust or modify to suite y’all’s personal desires and needs. diy_hexagon_wall_decor_cork_hexagon

Once y’all are happy and satisfied with y’all great work, it time to showcase your projects.  If y’all don’t wanna damage the wall, simply use painter’s tape as adhesive to place the décor to the walls.  If y’all don’t have a problem with that, y’all can use pins or screws to fix the décor into the walls. diy_hexagon_wall_decor_painters_tape

Ta-da y’all are finished!  Great job!  Y’all did it!  Now y’all can sit back and admire y’all’s new art piece.  🙂