The one that my shoes come from are internationally based.

Fashion is not my forte, but when I do mention anything fashion-esque is consider that a big thing for me.  I’m a simple girl.  My everyday “uniform” consists of hair bun, plain tee, skinny or lounge pants, or straight up gym clothes.  But don’t get me wrong, I still like to dress up when I can or am able to.  Not too long ago, my sister visited my closet and said I need to re-vamp my wardrobe.  It’s true, my clothes may be “outdated,” but really what is the norm right now.  Idk.

I’m definitely not an accessories type of girl because I prefer not to wear jewelry and have like 2 purses I rotate with.  However, I do consider myself a shoe person, but not that type of girl with a room strictly full of shoes.  I love shoes and love the idea that I can still dress up or down my “uniform” with the type of shoes I wear (even though my current number 1 shoes are my free runs).

fashion_suelas_sandals_blackOver a year ago, I stumbled on this international (from the Philippines) shoe brand.  Love the styles and the price, I just don’t love the hefty shipping cost.  Luckily for me, my parents vacationed to the Philippines, and I asked if they could bring back a couple shoes from Suelas.  Ahhh, love my parents dearly.  I know, it’s difficult buying shoes online cause you can’t try them on.  But thank goodness they had a sizing chart online to help guide me.  I picked a couple sandals for the springtime.  They’re s’cute!  To my surprise, they fit perfectly.  Now, my only problem is how will I be able to get my hands (I mean my feet) on more styles.