The one that glowed my skin.

Meet Organic Skincare Line featuring the Organic Exfoliating Facial Cleanser, Organic Facial Toner, Organic Facial Serum, and Organic Facial Hydrator from CPN.  Now that was a handful.  🙂  I had the greatest pleasure of meeting CPN, which stands for California Pure Naturals, at the Natural Products Expo West a couple of months ago.  The expo was truly an overwhelming yet positive experience, but it’s the people and brands that I met that really takes the cake.  I was specially impressed with CPN’s booth.  Everyone was so attentive and easy to converse with, not to mention, their display was beautiful (totally foreshadowed their beautiful products I might add).  🙂

CPN is truly setting the bar when it comes to skincare (no joke, and I’m not even exaggerating).  🙂  Hence their name, CPN is located in California, where their products are made and their ingredients are sourced from.  Speaking of source, they use a high quality natural source for their ingredients and products, and they’re all backed with certifications on certifications on certifications.  For starters, they are a FDA registered facility with gluten-free certification and cruelty-free certification.  But it gets better, their Organic Skincare Line is 95%+ USDA certified organic and NSF certified organic content.  Y’all can definitely tell they mean serious business ‘round here.  🙂

cpn_organic_skincareAfter all, this is a first look and first impression post, so let’s get right into it.  I was generously given a travel sized kit of their Organic Skincare Line, which includes the mini versions of the Organic Exfoliating Facial Cleanser, Organic Facial Toner, Organic Facial Serum, and Organic Facial Hydrator.  This isn’t a typical review just cause I wasn’t able to experience this collection in its entirety.  Both the Organic Exfoliating Facial Cleanser and Toner lasted approximately 2 weeks, while the Serum and Hydrator just another week (as these travel bottles weren’t completely filled).

First look, I loved everything about it.  🙂  The packaging was simple, but that green hue, yes please.  I love most shade of green, but this one has always been a favorite cause it’s bright and lively.  The brand, I absolutely adore as y’all can tell.  🙂  They also have non-organic skincare products, bodycare stuff, and goodies for babies.  It’s seriously like a one stop shopping for mommy (and daddy) and baby.  Ya know, just keep it in the family.  🙂

First Impressions, I’m gonna give y’all a mini break down:

cpn_organic_exfoliating_cleanserOrganic Exfoliating Facial Cleanser.  I was initially afraid to use this one, but for all good reason.  Typically, I exfoliate once or twice a week to help give me a deeper cleanse.  But I was informed that I can use this on the daily, which is totally out of my comfort zone when it comes to skincare.  So I applied this on, and whoa did it blow my mind.  The appearance of this cleanser looks like it would be abrasive, but that’s not the case at all, it’s such a gentle exfoliant.  And I loved every use of it.  🙂

cpn_organic_facial_tonerOrganic Facial Toner.  This ain’t no ordinary face toner y’all, it’s so much more.  I honestly think this product really prepares my skin for some skincare loving.  It sets the tone (pun accidentally intended, but I’m sticking with it) for the rest of my routine.  I may have over did it with this one as it was the first of the four to finish, but I liked it that much.  🙂

cpn_organic_facial_serumOrganic Facial Serum.  I’m a face serum kinda girl—I have serums I like, really like, love, and really love.  This face serum, I really love.  It applies on the skin so nicely and absorbs so well.  It’s sometimes difficult to get a combination like that.  And it leaves no oily residue whatsoever.  🙂  Such a beautiful serum!

cpn_organic_facial_hydratorOrganic Facial Hydrator.  Two words: game changer!  This is the product that attracted me the most, and I honestly couldn’t wait to dive into it.  I wanna say that the combo of all four products made a significant difference to my skin in a matter of days, but I think it’s this facial hydrator that really “made” it happen.  🙂  It’s not quite a toner but not necessarily a serum, so I’m gonna say it’s magic y’all!  I truly loved every drop of this product.  🙂

So there’s the quick low (or high) down of the CPN Organic Skincare Line.  Even though I didn’t do a complete product test and review, I’m gonna let y’all know these goodies are true winners.  So much so that these four products may just be my default (“tried and true”) skincare routine—ya know, to help reset my skin after testing out some questionable products.  So with all that said, I highly recommend y’all check out CPN.  Take a look for yourselves and experience the magic of this Organic Skincare Line.