The one that was too good to pass up.

Meet Color Me Wise / Ageless Starter Set from Good Medicine Beauty Lab.  I have been a huge follower of Good Medicine Beauty Lab for quite some time now.  However, it took me awhile to finally make a purchase from them.  To be honest, the reason was and is still unknown.  Thankfully, they had a special deal going on for their starter kits, not once but twice.  Me, I missed out the first time around, but I was quick to make a purchase the second time.  🙂  I’m so glad I was blessed to finally try out their goodies.

For over 20 years, 5 women spanning 3 generations summoned their love to create Good Medicine Beauty Lab.  They specialize in wild desert formulas that are handcrafted in small batches using fresh, quality, and pure ingredients.  The botanicals used in their formulas are wildly harvested with the utmost respect for the desert, where they take only what is needed while leaving no trace behind.  Each product they create is uniquely tailored and formulated with their customers in mind because each “formula is skillfully developed with actual, visible results in mind.”

What intrigues me about Good Medicine Beauty Lab is their concept of “Mixology.”  Each of their products were created for a specific purpose when used alone.  Now here is where Good Medicine Beauty Lab kicks it up a notch.  When their products are combined together, this mixture intensifies one another’s own action to create y’all’s perfectly individualized skincare regimen.  The folks at Good Medicine Beauty Lab want their products to shift with individual’s particular skincare concerns because every day can be a different skincare day.  I’m totally smitten with this idea.

So what’s in the Color Me Wise / Ageless Starter Set, y’all ask?!?  It contains 7 different products aimed to treat damaged or mature skin.  I figured it would be the perfect post-summer skincare routine to check out.  After all, 90% of skin aging is due to the powerful UV rays of the sun.  So this set includes:

  • Starry Eyes- a brightening eye cream.
  • Clarity- an awakening face cream.
  • Honey Dew- a youth serum.
  • Rain- a replenishing oil wash.
  • Honey Bee- a blossoming revelation mask.
  • Ashes- a reincarnation cleansing grains.
  • Sand- a red mineral polish.

I’m seriously beyond excited, y’all!!!  🙂  Like I said, I’ll probably start getting my hands into these mini jars and bottles sometime in September.  I highly recommend checking out their website (  They got plenty of starter sets for other skin concerns.  Be on the look for the Good Medicine Beauty Lab Color Me Wise / Ageless Starter Set review.  🙂