The one(s) that made their debuts at the Indie Beauty Expo.

Newsflash, there are some new brands making moves in the beauty industry that y’all need to know about.  Unfortunately the Indie Beauty Expo LA has passed, but fortunately, there are 6 newly launched brands to experience.  It was another successful expo for the books.  This time around, I’ve got some great new (and trusted) brands that I will be showcasing to y’all over the next few months.  Honestly, one post it just not enough to share my Indie Beauty Expo finds and adventures.  🙂

ibela2017_we_heart_laEach year (and event), the expo just keeps getting better and better.  Instead of a two fun-filled day event (like the Indie Beauty Expo NYC), this time, it was a solid one day experience for me.  Technically, the Indie Beauty Expo is now held over a three day course—Day 1 is designed for brands, Day 2 is for consumers (like me), and Day 3 is all about the trade industry.  And this year, they’re adding a new event in Dallas, so y’all Texas folks, I highly recommend checking this one out, y’all won’t regret it!  🙂

The Indie Beauty Expo is always a great experience for me cause it allows me to put the brands’ passions into their products.  It gives me a deeper connection to the products I use, why I use them, how to use them, and perspective.  Sometimes, I can get caught up in using a particular face serum, body lotion, or brand cause of the current trend.  So the Indie Beauty Expo allowed me to take a step back and really learn the benefits of ingredients and the passion that started it all.  Personally, it’s a truly eye-opening experience to just talk to the brands cause I feel like I’m always learning something new.  For me, that’s a good thing, and now I wanna share it with y’all!  🙂

Now that the birthday festivities are over (noooo!), I’ve finally had time to sit down with my bag of indie beauty loot.  This first series, I decided to compile a list of just launched brands from the LA Indie Beauty Expo.  I’m so excited to share these brands with y’all!!!  🙂

allira_naturals_bundleALLIRA NATURALS

Allira Naturals is based just outside of Los Angeles (and yay cause y’all know how I feel about supporting local business).  Founder, Kedie Sobeck was inspired to create bodycare products after her daughter suffered from skin sensitivity and eczema.  So she turned to what she knew best, the natural resources of raw ingredients to create a kid- friendly body scrub and body lotion.  From there Allira Naturals was born with the addition of a body scrub and lotion for adults to help others’ with their skin ailments.  They are verified nonGMO and made with certified organic ingredients, but it gets better, they proudly donate 1% to the Planet foundation.  🙂

If y’all are interested in Allira Naturals, the coupon code indie2017 will give y’all 20% off.  Don’t wait cause it expires March 31, 2017.  Happy shopping!

ayuna_less_is_beautyAYUNA – LESS IS BEAUTY

Ayuna is all about simplicity in skincare.  With a 4 step skincare routine, the visionary team believe “Less is Beauty.”  Ayuna is challenging what it means to be “aging” and is creating a movement of “well-aging.”  It’s a holistic experience that works with aromatherapy, mindfulness, and confidence in beauty.  With a modern integrated approach, their skincare system uses “evolutionary scientific-botanical” cell cultures created by nature itself.  They’re products contain Bio-tech Cell Cultures to help the skin age gracefully.  Literally, mind blowing!!!  🙂

clover_and_beeCLOVER & BEE

Clover & Bee is not your typically body polish.  With a one of a kind formulation, Clover & Bee uses granulated honey as its natural exfoliant.  Yes, y’all read that correctly, granulated honey.  I never knew granulated honey even existed until now, lemme just say, game changer!  🙂  Clover & Bee currently has three flavors (not edible by any means)—Lemongrass and Poppyseed, Lavender and Bergamot, and Grapefruit and Jasmine.  All three sounds just so delightful, and I can’t wait to see what and where Clover & Bee will go, cause they going places with their revolutionary granulated honey!

mystic_dirtMYSTIC DIRT

Mystic Dirt is about creating “beauty rituals for the modern woman.”  I love beauty rituals, and I would say that I’m a modern woman!  🙂  It’s a beauty box unlike any other cause they’re doing DIY skincare.  I love DIY’s cause it gives things a personal touch.  I specially love DIY skincare cause it’s customizable skincare.  Currently, Mystic Dirt has the Heart Opening Body Scrub box up for grabs.  This box contains the essentials to whip up your very own body sugar along with added cards that teach y’all about the individual ingredients.  🙂  Mystic Dirt wants y’all to “listen to what your body and needs and trust your intuition.”

smoothie_beautySMOOTHIE BEAUTY

Smoothie Beauty is just the freshest skincare line out there, seriously fresh.  They are evolving the concept of face masks and using 100% organic food based ingredients (so essentially y’all can eat it).  🙂  Each face mask comes in a pouch that is good for about 2-3 uses.  They have an array of mask and boosters to best suit your skincare needs.  With 7 masks and 3 boosters, the facial combinations are endless.  Just keep in mind that each pouch should be refrigerated (yes, remember that freshness) and used within 6 days of opening.  🙂


Uliv is hitting the beauty market with their Golden Chai, a facial soufflé.  After suffering from an auto-immune disorder, founder Lishawn realized “how you live really matters.”  Her personal experiences with anti-inflammatory spices helped her physically, but she wanted to expand into the beauty world, being that she is an esthetician.  At Uliv, they “harness potent phytonutrients from nature’s nourishing garden to create high-performance skincare recipes designed to beautify, balance, and nurture the skin, body, and soul.”  Using a holistic approach is the foundation behind Uliv cause the process of aging is a journey that we all should embrace.  So Lishawn asks, “How Do U Liv?”

There it is y’all, some awesome newly launched brands from the Indie Beauty Expo LA 2017.  Again, I highly recommend y’all to take a deeper look into these brands and to check out their goodies.  They all got some really great things out there.  Stay tuned for my subsequent Indie Beauty Expo LA 2017 posts.  🙂  If y’all aren’t following me on Instagram @beautyfindsadventures, y’all should cause I got a #bfabdaygiveaway going on featuring some #ibela2017 goodies.  🙂