The one, I mean top ten Indie Beauty Brands y’all must know.

It’s been two weeks since I had the greatest pleasure of attending the Indie Beauty Expo in New York.  It seems like just yesterday I, amongst many beauty lovers, was adventuring my way through rows and rows of Indie Beauty Brands.  After a successful yet timid first experience at the Indie Beauty Expo here in Los Angeles, I knew I had to partake in the New York festivities.

This post is a bit overdue because I combined the Indie Beauty Expo with my unofficial end of summer vacay.  It was a no brainer to extend my trip to New York for a longer almost two week vacation, since the sister and brother both live in NY.  It was a needed getaway to reset my mind, but I’m glad to be back home in LA.

Anyway, the Indie Beauty Expo was an absolute success!  With over 130 brands, it truly was a #beautyfindsadventures for me.  This two day fun-filled event was established “to provide a platform to recognize, showcase, and celebrate independent beauty, wellness, and lifestyle brands” and was created “to support the growth and success of indie brands and the entrepreneurs behind them.”  It is really the new revolution in the product-consumer market.

After unpacking (not so fun, in my opinion) and sorting through my luggage for my Indie Beauty Expo goodies, I decided to compile a list of My Top 10 Indie Beauty Expo Get To Know List.  Over the next few months, I’ll be showcasing and introducing to y’all my Indie Beauty Expo finds and adventures (I don’t wanna overwhelming y’all right now).  But for now, I highly recommend checking out these new and upcoming brands:



Photo Credit: Beauty Water

BEAUTY WATER is a creation from Dr. Jenise Parris, who is not only an acupuncturist but also herbalist and aromatherapist. With a background in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Parris was inspired from the bounty of nature to develop the Beauty Water Collection.  Using pristine artesian wild spring water from the upstate New York mountains, she envisioned a wholesome line of products, which she hopes is “a natural extension of her knowledge, dedication, and commitment to helping others reconnect to their inner and outer beauty, emotional balance, and spiritual and physical healing.”

I met Dr. Jenise Parris and her wonderful Beauty Water Collection, and I was immediately immersed into her vision. In these busy days, we all forget to take time for self-care.  With a full line of facial and body products, Dr. Parris even has an Acupuncture Clinic where she uses her own acupressure wellness gels.  As I was chatting with Dr. Parris, she genuinely believes and empowers her patients to take charge and participate in their own healing journeys.  I, too, have started a journey to reconnect to my inner self not too long ago.  It’s never too late to start to check out BEAUTY WATER.  🙂


BOX Naturals


Photo Credit: BOX Naturals

BOX Naturals is a natural and gentle alternative towelette. Founder, Irene, originally created BOX Naturals after the birth of her first child and noticed that many wipes on the market at the time contained “bad-for-you chemicals.”  So she took matters in her own hands and created these lightly scented towelettes using organic essential oils.  But BOX Naturals wants to make it clear that these scented towelettes mean no harm with regards to a woman’s natural scent.  They are feminists—a brand owned by women with products made by women and stands by women.  They’re totally #girlpower status!  🙂

I’m a wipes kinda girl but couldn’t find natural towelettes until meeting BOX Naturals at the Indie Beauty Expo. I’m so glad to have met Irene and BOX Naturals.  There are currently two scents available at the moment—Rosewater and Lavender.  At the expo, I was fortunate enough to sample their upcoming Cucumber and Witch Hazel, which will launch this month.  Lemme just say that BOX Naturals is a must check out as a “natural alternative for hands, faces, and special places.”  🙂




Photo Credit: Esym

Esym takes aromatherapy to another level. A team of scent curators and designers with a passion about wellness and health came together to create Esym.  They use the science behind the sense of smell to help with balancing of everyday life.  The power of scents is so extravagant and sensual and has the power to transform any experiences.  Esym uses “100% natural essential oils” to create a variety of scent experiences.

I was initially drawn to Esym because of their Scent Pods, which are portable aromatherapy. This handheld device makes it easy to carry essential oils wherever the journey of life takes y’all.  A single pod lasts approximately three months with refills as needed.  They even have soon to be released Scent Stones, which are home and studio diffusers.  If y’all are big on aromatherapy and are always on the go, please take a look into Esym.


KPS Essentials


Photo Credit: KPS Essentials

When an aesthetician and a rocket scientist team up, expect skincare blasting off to space. And that’s where KPS Essentials all started.  KPS Essentials is all about transforming skincare forever.  They only source the finest organic ingredients and use advanced botanicals technologies to create a line of skincare products.

I was intrigued by KPS Essentials because of the mesh between clinically validated beauty results using botanical science that’s formulated with food grade organic ingredients. They’re really about stepping up the skincare game through DermaNu Technology to “transform the cell structure of your skin, renewing from within.”  If Luxury Skincare is up your alley, do yourself a favor and check KPS Essentials.


Mother Dirt


Photo Credit: Mother Dirt

Mother Dirt is about rethinking skincare on a microbial level. The skin initially was an elaborate ecosystem of good bacteria known as the skin biome.  However, society and extreme cleanliness has disrupted the skin biome to eliminate bad bacteria as well as beneficial skin organisms.  And this is where Mother Dirt comes into play.  At Mother Dirt, they have created products to help restore the good bacteria of the skin biome.  Their first skincare product even contains live bacteria to help do so.  They believe in restoring the beneficial organisms “to create a world where clean comes with healthy.”

Before attending the Indie Beauty Expo, I have never heard of anything like this before. I stopped by the booth where President of Mother Dirt, Jasmina was chatting with fellow beauties.  I was captivated, and I wanted to know more.  Mother Dirt’s first product, the AO+ Mist contains good bacteria, which consists of safe live cultured strain of Ammonia Oxidizing Bacteria.  I couldn’t imagine putting live bacteria on my skin, but after talking to Jasmina, I definitely understood. The modern world we live in is all about antibacterial everything, which actually does more harm than good (as of last week, the FDA has banned 19 chemicals used in antibacterial soaps).  So by restoring these good flora for the skin, skin issues should improve.  According to Mother Dirt, “within two weeks of use, the AO+ Mist improves the appearance of skin issues including sensitivity, blotchiness, roughness, oiliness, dryness, and odor by replacing essential bacteria lost by modern hygiene & lifestyles.”  Are y’all captivated too, check out Mother Dirt to learn more about good skin bacteria.  🙂




Photo Credit: ORGAID

ORGAID is redefining the oh-so popular sheet mask. Baek, founder, has created an effective way to deliver beneficial organic ingredients straight onto the skin using a sheet mask.  Unlike many sheet masks in the market, ORGAID is “the first sheet mask made in USA with a scientific formula composed of high-quality organic ingredients.”

I’ve actually been following ORGAID on Instagram before knowing they were attending the Indie Beauty Expo but have yet to check out their sheet masks. Y’all know I love a good mask.  So, after seeing and talking to the folks from ORGAID, they really focus on creating maximum delivery and benefits of the organic ingredients being used.  But it doesn’t just stop there, they’re constantly researching to create the newest generation of sheet masks.  Be sure to check out ORGAID cause they’re not your ordinary sheet mask.  🙂




Photo Credit: OY-L

OY-L is all about “beauty without secrets.” Creator, Andrea Pierce-Naymon is on a mission to provide an all-natural skincare line.  This newfound commitment stemmed after her daughter became ill and with some investigative work found “that much of what she (and all of us) used every day was toxic.”  And that’s when OY-L was born to provide a chemical-free and toxic-free, natural skincare line.

Passing down the aisles at the expo, I was drawn to this family. I just wanted to chat with them, and this is how I learned about the story behind OY-L.  Though I didn’t experience anything like Andrea’s daughter, my obsession with skincare started my own investigation about potentially harmful ingredients in big name brand products.  I definitely believe that OY-L is going places specially when the brand was created by a mom.  I highly recommend checking out OY-L and their all-natural skincare goodies cause Andrea is “on a mission to fight toxins, protect families, and empower beauty.”


Pinch of Colour


Photo Credit: Pinch of Colour Instagram

Pinch of Colour is “beauty with a cause,” a cause to conserve water. California is in dire need of that.  🙂  Anyway, how are they trying to conserve water, y’all may be asking.  Well they are the first waterless US beauty brand, in which they use “modern technology with water-free formulas.”  Because of the water-free formulas, their products are highly concentrated packed with “good-for-you ingredients.”

Pinch of Colour totally caught my eye because of their beautiful lippie colors. They actually attended the Indie Beauty Expo in LA, but they didn’t launch their products until the Indie Beauty Expo in NY.  I’m so glad I was able to stop by and take a look at the beautiful colors.  I even received a complementary lippie application.  I’m not much of a lipstick girl, so I let them take full reign.  The colors are absolutely stunning, very pigmented, and lasts throughout the day (trust me, I made the bold decision to take lunch soon after and when I finished my lip color was untouched).  I’m sold, and I know y’all will be too, so take a peek and choose your Pinch of Colour.  🙂




Photo Credit: SIGIL SCENT

SIGIL SCENT is a unisex fragrance unlike any other because they want to create “beautiful, functional, transportive products that help to nurture and stimulate the senses, skin, and mind.” They believe in natural, high quality, long wearing fragrance.  At SIGIL SCENT, they use quality wildcrafted organic ingredients that provide a sensual experience.  With five different scents, each one is hand blended to tell a story.  SIGIL SCENT has a vision for each application to experience “an intention, a moment alone in nature, to be remembered with every application…for every consciousness, mood, and occasion.”

SIGIL SCENT was definitely a booth I wanted to stop by and check out. I’ve been seeing them popping up on my Instagram feed and was curious to know more.  Well, after talking to Patrick (who is the founder), I’m liking what they’re all about.  All the scents smell amazing and are unique in their own way.  They even have a new scent called BLOOM, which will be launching the near future.  If y’all are looking for a quality natural and long wearing fragrance, be sure to experience SIGIL SCENT.


Thorn & Bloom


Photo Credit: Thorn & Bloom

Thorn & Bloom Perfume is an artisanal botanical perfume that needs to be known. Jennifer is a certified perfumer for Thorn & Bloom Perfume and blends each batch by hand.  She uses only the finest natural botanical fragrances to create blends that “vibrate with energy and soulfulness, allowing you to fully appreciate nature’s amazingly varied aromatic endowments.”

I was drawn in by the stunning display but stayed because of Jennifer’s Thorn & Bloom Perfume aromatics. After a lil chitchat session, I was blown away by her knowledge of fragrances (well of course, cause she’s a certified perfumer).  At Thorn & Bloom Perfume, they take a holistic approach to artisanal perfumery cause they’re mindful of the ingredients used.  Naturally, botanical fragrances are more delicate and subtle so her perfumes differ in color, longevity, and even strength as compared to synthetic blends.  She wants Thorn & Bloom Perfume to be “re-applied often as a mindful ritual” for a wholesome, holistic experience.  I’m hooked, and I definitely think y’all should check out Thorn and Bloom Perfume too.  🙂

Believe me, with over 130 brands I’ve chatted with at the expo, it was difficult to choose my top 10 brands.  This list doesn’t mean that these brands are any better than the other brands that attended.  It’s merely a list of brands I think y’all need to get to know because they going to be, if not already, the next big thing (in my opinion).  🙂  I also have a few other Indie Beauty Expo lists that I will be revealing to showcase other popular and new brands, so be on the outlook over the next few months.  🙂  Spoiler alert:  there may be a special giveaway coming soon.  🙂