The one that it orange-you-glad removes stubborn makeup.

Meet Blood Orange Cleansing Balm from 100% Pure.  Last month, 100% Pure reached out to social media looking for beauty influencers and bloggers to get a sneak peek at upcoming products and do some reviews.  Lucky me, I was one of many others who got to check out the now released (but currently sold old) Blood Orange Cleansing Balm (I wish I got to check out their also newly launched Gemmed Luminizers since I just started falling in love with highlighters, the makeup not the pen.)  🙂

100_percent_pure_blood_orange_cleansing_balm_closeupI first stumbled upon 100% Pure at my local mall, and I’ve frequented the establishment many many times since then.  They just do the skincare and beauty world right with clean ingredients and products that really work.  They’re actually the first #greenbeauty makeup brand I’ve tried, and I’m still a fan of their makeup products.  But it’s only been recent that I finally tiptoed into their skincare lines.  No, the Blood Orange Cleansing Balm was not my first product from them.  In fact, it was their cult-favorite eye cream, the Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream, but let’s save that for another day.  🙂

So yes, this Cleansing Balm.  On my Instagram post of the Blood Orange Cleansing Balm, I spoke briefly about this cleanser, which is truly unlike any other 100% Pure cleanser out there at the moment.  They’ve got the foam cleansers, the creamy cleansers, the oil cleansers, even a cleansing bar, but now, they can add a cleansing balm to their magnificent line.  Their cleansing range is on point and with such variety, it’s really difficult to choose just one product.  🙂

100_percent_pure_blood_orange_cleansing_balm_productJust as the name says, the balm has an intoxicatingly delish orange scent, so refreshing.  100% Pure uses Blood Orange Essential Oil to enhance their product, so no hidden nastiest to this fragrance.  It’s a great uplifting smell every morning yet very relaxing during the evening.  This essential oil is known to help reduce anxiety, nervousness, and sadness but can have restorative sedative properties.  🙂  Yup, that’s it!

What I love about this cleanser is how it removes dirt, debris, and all traces of makeup including stubborn mascara.  It’s the perfect product to start my skincare routine with.  Just a small scoop (100% Pure recommends a half dollar sized amount) is all y’all need to work its magic.  The balm will melt and emulsify with the warmth of your fingers to removes impurities from a day’s work.  I take this time to really massage my skin and using circular motions to really get into the buildup accumulating on my skin.  Then I wipe off clean with a damp cloth about 4-5 times to leave the skin feeling fresh and ready for my second cleansers.  Personally, I’ve found that I do need a second cleanse after using this cleansing balm.  While is does leave my skin feeling soft and supple, my skin also feels greasy, so that’s why a second cleanse it needed for me.  🙂  Other than the oily residue feeling, I really enjoy using this cleanser specially if I’ve worn makeup (and mascara) during the day.  🙂

100_percent_pure_blood_orange_cleansing_balm_orangesIf y’all are lucky enough to live near a 100% Pure store front establishment, I highly highly recommend taking a visit.  I’ve always had a positive experience and great customer service (I’m only speaking on behalf of my local store).  🙂  Plus, it’s just so fun to explore and check out their goodies on a first hand basis.  🙂

Full ingredients: Persea Gratissima (Organic Avocado) Oil, Cocos Nucifera (Organic Coconut) Oil, Olea Europaea (Organic Olive) Leaf Oil, Olea Europaea (Organic Olive) Oil, Cera Alba (Organic Beeswax), Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Blood Orange Essential Oil) Fruit, Polyglyceryl-3 Palmitate (Derived from Coconuts)

Do you want one?  Check out Blood Orange Cleansing Balm to purchase the full sized 3 oz.  Priced at $38.