The one with 5-Steps to better skin.

Meet Benedetta.  A few months ago, I had the great pleasure of checking out Benedetta’s Crystal Radiance Hydrating Elixir Ylang Ylang.  It’s a face toner that helps balances the face, aids in hydration and skin cell regeneration.   And I loved every single spritz of it.  So when Benedetta reached out to do a collaboration, I was all in for a sponsored review.  🙂

I also had the greatest pleasure to speak with the Benedetta founder herself, Julia, whom I must say is the pioneer to natural plant and botanical based skincare.  Her wealth of knowledge and expertise in the #greenbeauty world is advanced and thorough.  I seriously could have picked her brain for hours upon hours.  Everything she does is for a reason—the ingredients she uses each have a specific purpose, the miron packaging is not just for pretty looks, the products she creates are meticulously formulated, etc.

What’s definitely unique to Julia and Benedetta is their holistic view to skincare.  Sure she uses ethically farmed sources, so do others.  Sure she makes her products in small batches, so do others.  Julia is taking it to a whole other level with her holistic approach to the creation of Benedetta, where they “ase our formulas off 30+ years of knowledge about the histology and anatomy of the skin and body, as well as a knowledge of what nutrients the skin needs, how it feeds, and how it releases…’Holistic’ doesn’t just mean natural, it means looking to what works symbiotically in nature to holistically treat the skin.”

From that holistic point of view, Benedetta has created a 5-Step Facial Regimen, where each Benedetta product is formulated to work together.  According to Benedetta, “this synergistic line was created with the intention that, with a proper system of use, natural skincare could treat more than just the top layer for truly healthy, nourished skin. The result is skin that is balanced with a supple, beautiful feel.”

Here are the 5 steps:

  • Step 1: Créme Cleanser
  • Step 2: “The” Eye Créme
  • Step 3: Crystal Radiance Hydrating Elixir
  • Step 4: Precious & Nourishing Facial Oil
  • Step 5: Visibly Radiant Moisturizer

I was gifted the trial sizes of the Crème Cleanser Rosemary & Geranium, Crystal Radiance Hydrating Elixir Neroli, Crystal Radiance Hydrating Elixir Rosemary Verbenone, Precious & Nourishing Facial Oil Geranium, Visibly Radiant Moisturizer Rosemary Verbenone, Control Crème and a sample if the “The” Eye Crème.  At the time, my skin was pretty much on the normal side with occasional dryness and some blemishes and congestion.

Now let’s get to know about these goodies a little more.

benedetta-creme-cleanser-rosemary-geraniumStep 1 is the Crème Cleanser.  I was sent the Rosemary & Geranium, which is best for most skin types.  It helps to balance and detoxify, while helping to promote elasticity and activate circulation.  They say “this cleanser purifies the skin as it rehydrates and exfoliates, bringing into balance to pH of the skin.”  It’s to be used daily every morning and night directly onto dry skin.

Spoiler alert!  While all the products are great, this is definitely one of my favorites of the bunch.  It not like any of the cleansers I’ve used before—not a oil cleanser, not a foaming cleanser, but definitely a true cream cleanser.  The texture is like a lightweight cream moisturizer that applies and spreads all over the face real nicely.  When I first used it, I was startled that it was “absorbing” into my face so quickly, but then learned that as you massage and work it into the skin, it’s meant to disappear.  I love this cause it can be used in other ways aside from being a cleanser.  When I feel like I need a deeper cleanse, I leave it on longer to create “a gentle exfoliation treatment.”  Or when I feel a blemish coming on, I use it as a spot treatment.  One thing though, for me, is the scent of Verbenone—even after a month’s use, I’m still not particularly fond of it.  🙂

benedetta-the-eye-cremeStep 2 is “The” Eye Créme.  So this one tricked me a bit.  When my skincare routine, I typically start my products based on density, so I like to use lightweight oils first, then finish with heavier moisturizers and creams.  And usually, the eye cream is one of the last products I end with.  So when the 5-Step Facial Regimen says that step 2 is the eye cream, I was surprised, but I just went for it.  (After all, I like to use products the way the brand intends for them to be used).  But it wasn’t until after the fact and when I talked to founder, Julia, that it’s not all a “crème,” she told me she formulated it to be a gel base, so definitely not “heavy” at all.  🙂

Anyway, I received a small sample vial, which probably lasted me about 2 weeks.  I can’t really comment too much on it because I feel like it wasn’t enough time to see or notice a difference, specially around the eye area.  Honestly though, the texture doesn’t feel like a gel to me but more like a moisturizer.  I still thoroughly enjoyed using it.  🙂

benedetta-crystal-radiance-hydrating-elixirsStep 3 is the Crystal Radiance Hydrating Elixir.  Like I mentioned, I received two types—Neroli and Rosemary Verbenone.  The Crystal Radiance Hydrating Elixir Neroli is more irritated, inflamed, or dry skin; whereas the Crystal Radiance Hydrating Elixir Rosemary Verbenone best for most skintypes.  The Crystal Radiance Hydrating Elixir were one of the first products created in the Benedetta skincare line.  “The hydrating nature of our elixirs include a complex botanical synergy specific to each skin type, along with an energetic gem elixir, chosen for its specific mineral qualities, all to assist water saturation.”

They’re meant to be used both day and night, but what makes the 5-Step Facial Regimen unique is that, at the night, the regime stops at Step 3 with the elixir.  It’s the holistic view to let your face breathe via water integration process.  I’ve used their elixir before, so I knew these wouldn’t disappoint.  For the most past, I used the Rosemary Verbenone on the daily, but when I felt a lil more dry, I spritzed on the Neroli.  Very soothing, very magical in their own rights.  🙂

benedetta-precious-nourishing-facial-oil-geraniumStep 4 is the Precious & Nourishing Facial Oil.  Their Geranium Facial Oil was created for those with oily or congested skin (yes, over here, I’m congested and a bit oily).  🙂  These are intensive face oil treatments designed to help protect the skin from harsh UV rays, thanks to their antioxidant properties.

So being accustom to routine, I used the Geranium Facial Oil both day and night, completely unaware of their nighttime recommended regime.  So by week two, I completely was out of this oil, but on the bright side, I can do a comparison of the Precious & Nourishing Facial Oil Geranium when used twice daily or as recommended.  I will start off my saying that my skin looked and felt better when I used this twice daily (which I know goes against their holistic approach of letting the skin breathe at night).  Though my skin was on the slightly drier side, this really improved the texture of my skin—it looked and felt healthy again (after the summer’s sun damage).  So when I ran out of it, I continued the regime, but I felt like something was missing—my skin was still looking good, but not like when I had the Precious & Nourishing Facial Oil in rotation.  🙂

benedetta-visible-radiant-moisturizer-rosemary-verbenoneStep 5 is the Visibly Radiant Moisturizer.  The moisturizer helps to balance, purify, and rejuvenate the skin, as well as reducing wrinkles.  The Rosemary Verbenone is best for balanced, normal skintypes.

If I had to choose my least favorite item, it probably would be this one.  Overall, the entire regime I received really improved my skin, but for some reason, I feel like I could do without the moisturizer.  I mean it’s a lovely product, but it just wasn’t a standout goodie.  It contains great ingredients though!  🙂

benedetta-control-cremeLast but certainly not least is the Control Crème.  This one helps to control oil production, diminishes breakouts, and fades scarring.  According to Benedetta, “The Control Crème was developed to work as a highly effective antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral treatment to reduce blemishes. Our preparation holistically treats and prevents, and will not dry out the skin for a temporary fix. This remedy helps to regenerate the skin and may even prevent scarring with consistent use.”

The Control Crème is hands down my favorite one (even though I love their cleanser as well).  I didn’t know how to use this initially—I first used it all over to help control with some oily areas that were creeping in.  I didn’t really notice in oil control, but I thought I’d give it more time.  Then the time of the month came, a small start of a blemish popped out, so I decided to use the Control Crème as a spot treatment.  Next morning, the blemish was gone.  Say what!!!  Yeah What!!!  Sorry, but I thought it was a fluke.  Then a few more blemishes, same thing.  It’s not a fluke, y’all!  I have met my holy grail status blemish blaster.  🙂

And that’s Benedetta!  I’m so impressed with this brand, their values, their standards, and their products.  I’m not one to enjoy an entire skincare line, but I definitely have enjoyed using these Benedetta products.  🙂  Everything, and I mean everything is well thought out—no skimping, no cutting corners.  They carefully source each ingredient.  It’s definitely not about layering on products but making sure each product works well with the next one.  This has been one of my favorite reviews to date—experiencing and learning about Benedetta.  Check them out y’all!

Crème Cleanser Rosemary & Geranium Full Ingredients: Aloe Vera Aloe barbadensis • Rose Rosa damascena Hydrosol Aqua • Plant Oils: High Oleic Safflower Carthamus tinctorius, Apricot Prunus armeniaca, Foraha Calophyllum inophyllum, Olive Squalane Olea europaea, Avocado Persea americana • Vegetable Glycerin Glycerin • Co2 Extracts: Calendula Calendula officinalis, Rosemary Rosmarinus officinalis • Vitamin E Tocopherol [Sunflower-Source] • Green Clay • Proprietary Blend Essential Oils • Bee Propolis • Coconut Sodium cocoate • Grape Vitis vinifera Alcohol Extract • Vegetable Cellulose

“The” Eye Crème Full Ingredients: Hydrosols Aqua: Rose Rosa damascena, Immortelle Helichrysum italicum • Aloe Vera Aloe barbadensis • Plant Oils: Jojoba Simmondsia chinensis, Pumpkin Seed Cucurbita pepo convarietas citrullinina, Borage Borago officinalis • Vitamin E Tocopherol[Sunflower-Source] • Co2 Extracts: Rosehips Rosa canina, Carrot Daucus carota, Sea Buckthorn Hippophae rhamnoides, Rosemary Rosmarinus officinalis, Schizandra Schisandra sphenanthera • Green Tea Camellia sinensis • Amalaki Phyllanthus emblica • Alfalfa Medicago sativa • Grape Vitis vinifera Alcohol • Rose Rosa damascena Wax, Cassia Cassia angustifolia Wax • Proprietary Blend Essential Oils • Vegetable Cellulose

Crystal Radiance Hydrating Elixir Neroli Full Ingredients: Hydrosols Aqua: Rose Rosa damascena, Neroli Citrus aurantium, Lavender Lavandula angustifolia • Aloe Vera Aloe barbadensis • Gem Elixir Aqua • Vegetable Glycerin Glycerin • Grape Vitis viniferaAlcohol • Proprietary Blend Essential Oils • Aventurine Mineral

Crystal Radiance Hydrating Elixir Rosemary Verbenone Full Ingredients: Hydrosols Aqua: Rose Rosa damascena, Rosemary Verbenone Rosmarinus officinalis verbenone, Lavender Lavandula angustifolia, Geranium Pelargonium graveolens roseum • Aloe Vera Aloe barbadensis • Gem Elixir Aqua • Vegetable Glycerin Glycerin • Grape Vitis vinifera Alcohol • Proprietary Blend Essential Oils • Aventurine Mineral

Precious & Nourishing Facial Oil Geranium Full Ingredients: Plant Oils: Hazelnut Corylus americana, Macadamia Macadamia integrifolia, Foraha Calophyllum inophyllum, Borage Borago officinalis • Vitamin E Tocopherol [Sunflower-Source] • Co2 Extracts: Rosehips Rosa canina, Sea Buckthorn Hippophae rhamnoides, Carrot Daucus carota, Calendula Calendula officinalis, Rosemary Rosmarinus officinalis • Proprietary Blend Essential Oils

Visibly Radiant Moisturizer Rosemary Verbenone Full Ingredients: Aloe Vera Aloe barbadensis • Plant Oils: Hazelnut Corylus americana, Macadamia Macadamia integrifolia, Foraha Calophyllum inophyllum, Avocado Persea americana, Borage Borago officinalis • Vitamin E Tocopherol [Sunflower-source] • Co2 Extracts: Rosehips Rosa canina, Carrot Daucus carota, Sea Buckthorn Hippophae rhamnoides, Rosemary Rosmarinus officinalis • Amalaki Phyllanthus emblica • Rose Rosa damascena Wax • Proprietary Blend Of Essential Oils • Vegetable Cellulose • Grape Vitis vinifera Alcohol

Control Crème Full Ingredients: Aloe Vera Aloe barbadensis • Foraha Calophyllum inophyllum • Proprietary Blend Essential Oils • Bee Propolis • Vegetable Cellulose


This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.