The one(s) I came upon on a chance.

Meet Brush Cleansing Spray, Lavish Dry Shampoo, and Bath Soak from Cocolavish.  It’s no shocker that I found Cocolavish on Instagram cause founder, Jodi, passionately creates skincare and makeup products that are high performing with high quality ingredients.  She got fed up with reading labels that she decided to create her own products, which lead her to open an Etsy shop.  I just love these kinds of stories when people are so passionate that they take important matters into their own hands and create something good.  Oh and does she deliver!  🙂

I actually was fortunate enough to be an ambassador for Cocolavish and was given the opportunity to check out a couple of goodies, so I chose their Brush Cleansing Spray and Lavish Dry Shampoo, and received this lil perk of a their bath soak.  The brush cleanser I needed at the time cause I just started getting into makeup again.  The dry shampoo cause I need something to help with my hair situation.  🙂  The bath soak was is lil sample thank you gift.  Jodi has other great products on her Etsy account as well, and y’all should definitely check it out!  So 6 months later, this review is here!

cocolavish_brush_cleanserThe Brush Cleansing Spray is by far thee best makeup purchase I’ve ever made!  No joke!  I’ll admit, I struggle with cleansing my makeup brushes (I know I’m not alone).  But it has to be done cause those used brushes can house dirt and nasties that could cause breakouts.  And nobody wants that!  🙂  Now cause of this brush cleanser, I can extend the use of my brushes without a deep cleanse.  🙂  And here’s how it’s done.

How to use: After using your makeup brush grab a paper towel or better yet a reusable paper towel from our friends at Natural Linens (etsy) and spray a few sprays on the paper towel and gentle swirl your brush in small circular motions and watch as the makeup is removed from the brush and onto the the paper towel! Your brush cleanser also has the powerful benefit of a cleansing essential oil blend to deodorize and cleanse even further. There’s no need to saturate the makeup brush with the cleanser, a small amount does the job. Lay your makeup brushes on their side hanging over the sink for instance so air can get to all surrounding sides of the brush to properly dry. Brushes will be ready for their next use within an hour or so. We still recommend you wash your brushes with a specially formulated gentle soap and water every so often.

Such a great product to use in-between deep brush cleansing.  It works, if I didn’t mention that before!  🙂  My brushes are (semi)clean and disinfected when I’m too lazy to wash my brushes with soap and water.  🙂  I highly recommend this product, and I’m sure y’all won’t be disappointed with it too.

Full ingredients: Berkey filtered H2o, essential oils, Castile soap.

cocolavish_lavish_dry_shampooI used have a love/hate relationship with dry shampoo.  Until I got the Cocolavish Lavish Dry Shampoo, that all changed for the better, of course.  Before my transition to #greenbeauty, I used the dry shampoo that came in a spray can.  It worked for the first day, but after that my hair went downhill.  Yikes!  🙂  Then I switched over to a powered dry shampoo, which claimed to be suitable for all hair colors.  Nope, try again!  It made my hair look dirtier than it originally was.  🙂  Then after a dry shampoo hiatus all together, I found the Cocolavish dry shampoo in brunette.  I love everything about it.  The color blended nicely into my hair.  The packaging gave me enough product to sprinkle on without overdoing it.  It smells great and not like cocoa powder at all.  🙂  I use this in between regular shampoos (which is about every 2-3 days).  No adverse reactions—no dandruff, no oily hair, no colored scalp.  I love it!  🙂  Oh, and don’t worry if y’all have blond hair color as they have another shade for y’all.  🙂

Full ingredients: essential oils, Cocoa powder, arrowroot powder

cocolavish_lavish_bath_soakBathtime is my favorite pastime so when I saw this lil cutie added into my order, well, I was super duper excited.  It’s conveniently packaged in a one time use sachet that’s perfect for on the go.  I brought mine with me to the spa and soaked in all the lavish glory.  🙂

Full ingredients: essential oils, Himalayan pink salt, epsom salt

So 6 months after purchasing and using these two goodies, my bottle of Brush Cleansing Spray is super light, which means I need to get a new one.  As for the Lavish Dry Shampoo, I gifted it to my sister who probably needed it more than I did.  Eeks!  🙂  Two great products and two products that work great in my beauty arsenal.  🙂

Do you want one?  Check out Brush Cleansing Spray to purchase the 4 oz.  Priced at $8.75.

Don’t forget!  Check out Lavish Dry Shampoo to purchase.  Priced at $10.99.

Look for more?  Check out Bath Soak to purchase.  Priced at $15.99.