The one I use for bath time.

Meet Crystal Love Bath Salts from Crystal Hills Organics.  I first met Crystal Hills Organics at the Indie Beauty Expo here in LA earlier this year.  That event, honestly, is the best beauty expo featuring the latest and greatest in independent beauty.  🙂  Aside from that, I was immediately drawn to the Crystal Hills Organics booth (like seriously, I can still relive every moment—my actions, my thoughts, and my experience.  🙂

crystal-love-bath-salts-saltHere’s out it played out:  I’m walking down the one side of the main aisle.  I’m kinda getting tired already (it was a long busy day for me).  Just as I was making my way to the restroom (to freshen up of course), I passed by this beautiful bar booth setup with glass and crystals.  Very glam I must say.  🙂  At this point I was making a bee line to the restroom, but something came over me and told me to stop and say hi.  I guess at the time, I was just getting into crystals, and I was drawn to them.  So I ended up chatting with founder, Andrea, we talked about her products, crystals, and Beauty Finds Adventures.  I haven’t been drawn to a brand like that before—it felt so natural, as if I’d been using their products for years now.  Powerful stuff guys!  Andrea was kind enough to give me a sample of their Body Serum, in Goddess (cause ya know, I was feeling like a Goddess).  I fell in love right away!  🙂  Since then, Andrea and I have emailed back and forth, and she was even more generous to offer this Crystal Love Bath Salts to review.  So here I am.  🙂

crystal-love-bath-salts-crystal-hills-organicsI love baths!  It’s one of my top favorite me-time activities.  I don’t take baths very often though cause living in LA, I feel guilty of using that much water and know, drought.  🙂  But I do indulge when I do spa time.  This year I was fortunate to go on the vacation of my dreams, to Greece.  Top 3 experienced destinations to date.  So of course I brought my Crystal Hills Organics Crystal Love Bath Salts with me.  I bathed very single night and sprinkled so extra love in the water.  But it doesn’t stop there, if I knew I was going on a trip with a bathtub nearby, oh yeah, Crystal Love came with.  🙂

crystal-love-bath-salts-salt-bottle-viewMy ultimate favorite bath time ritual includes this bath salt.  It starts with a base of 5 different salts: Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Solar Dried Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Dendritic Salt.  Each one is rich in beneficial minerals that help promote relaxation, nourish the body, relieve muscle pain, eliminate toxins, and so much more.  It also contains dried roses to help restore the skin, fireweed to help heal the skin, hibiscus to rejuvenate the skin, and roobios to help protect the skin.  And to top it off, there’s rose quartz y’all!!!  How crazy is that!?!  Andrea grinds rose crystals into a powder and sprinkles it into their bath salts.  Rose quartz is known as the gemstone of love.  In the words of Crystal Hills Organics, the rose quartz “lifts up our vibration to the pure energy of unconditional love, bringing us to a state of peace, happiness, forgiveness and compassion. It allows us to see the beauty in ourselves and everything around us.”

crystal-love-bath-salts-bottleI’m so happy for experiencing the Crystal Love Bath Salts, but so sad that it’s over.  I had a wild run with it, and it truly enhanced my bath time ritual.  I love its rosy scent, the specks of dried flowers and leaves, and how great it makes me feel.  🙂  It also comes with a muslin bag.  I just a scoop a tablespoon or two into the bag, close it, and drop it in the bath.  🙂

Full Ingredients: Rose Quartz Crystals combined with Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Solar Dried Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Dendritic Salt, Organic Rose Petals, Organic Hibiscus Flowers, Organic Rooibos Leaves, Organic Fireweed Flowers/Leaves, and a proprietary blend of essential oils including Geranium Rose, Organic Neroli and Rose Absolute.

Y’all, I highly recommend checking out the Crystal Hills Organics Bath Salts, in fact check out their entire line.  🙂

Do you want one?  Purchase Crystal Love Bath Salts.  Priced at $44.