The one set that’s currently in my everyday carry.

Meet Travel Set from Grateful Naturals.  The travel set is compromised of 4 mini ready-to-go everyday necessities.  I seriously can’t leave the house without all these 4 travel friendly goodies, which consist of the:

  • Organic Hand Sanitizer
  • Organic Deodorant
  • Organic Sunscreen – SPF 35
  • Organic Lip Balm

Grateful Naturals is a blooming company made in Southern California using high quality ingredients.  Y’all know I love supporting local business, specially business using awesome ingredients.  Founder Monica is a “healthy living advocate, natural products creator, pursuer of soulful living, nature loving mom,” who is on a mission to provide safe and effective products to families.  She wants Grateful Naturals “to promote natural health & well-being through creating a nourishing natural botanical skin care line.”  This totally speaks to me and is exactly why I was very excited to check out Grateful Naturals products.

A few months ago, I had the greatest pleasure of attending the Green Festival Expo here in Los Angeles.  It is was 3 day weekend filled with green goodness—ranging from foods to skincare to dogcare to selfcare.  🙂  On day 1, I happen to stumble upon Grateful Naturals.  Let’s be real, when there’s skincare to be seen, I will go there.  🙂  I loved the beautiful display and enjoyed browsing throughout the Grateful Naturals goodies.  Suddenly I was stopped and fascinated by their sunscreen.  Founder, Monica was actually demonstrating on another customer when I overheard her talking about her sunscreen (I get a little noisy when it comes to sunscreen).  I was surprisingly shocked to see no white cast after blending the sunscreen onto the skin.  Y’all, I’ve been on a hunt to find the “perfect” (and I use that term loosely) sunscreen for my face.  And for over the past year, I’ve experienced it all—the white cast, dry patches, oily residue, and so much more.  I’m on a sunscreen mission y’all!  🙂  So after back and forth emails and phone conversations, Monica generously offered to send me the Grateful Naturals Travel Set, which contains a few of her bestsellers.

Now, let’s get started with the good stuff.  🙂

grateful_naturals_organic_hand_sanitizerThe Organic Hand Sanitizer is seriously a product I didn’t know I wanted.  For a few years now, I didn’t carry those conventional gel hand sanitizers, which I used to be obsessed with.  (I know, there are so many time I think to myself and say “what were you thinking back then!?!”)  I relied on the simple yet effective notion of washing my hands with (my homemade) soap.  But now I have the Grateful Naturals Organic Hand Sanitizer.  While I don’t use it on a consistent basis because I still would rather wash my hands, when those hand washing moments aren’t possible, I reach for this baby.  It is a spray hand sanitizer, which I adore.  And it conveniently smells like a warm spice perfect for Autumn.  I specially love this because it doesn’t leave my hands feeling “uncleaned.”  It nicely absorbs onto the skin, and I’m back to action.  🙂

Full ingredients:  Distilled Water, Non alcohol which hazel, Fractionated coconut oil, Vegetable glycerin, Germ fighting essential oil blend

grateful_naturals_organic_deodorantThe Organic Deodorant was the product Monica really wanted me to check out.  Per our conversation, I told her about my ongoing #stankfreechallenge, so I was happy to sneak it into my challenge list.

  • Full Ingredients: Organic Coconut Oil, Baking Soda, Arrowroot Powder, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Organic Beeswax, Essential Oil.
  • Soft, pliable, and glides on smoothly.  I loved the texture of this deodorant.  What I loved even more is that it didn’t leave behind any residue for me.  🙂
  • It is more on the natural yellow color, which is probably attributed to the beeswax.  It applies on clear and no transfers to clothing.
  • The initial smell test.   I have a soft spot for the scent of lavender.  Before I started my #stankfreechallenge, I tried many attempts on making my own deodorant and I used lavender essential oil.
  • grateful_naturals_organic_deodorant_productFinal smell test. I had really high hopes for this one.  Monica mentioned that she reformulated and that, so far, her customers had positive results.  I’m probably the oddball with seriously unusual sweat glands, but I still smelled after a few hours of application.  I contacted Monica for some guidance, and she swiftly replied that others have reapplied during the day.
  • Final thoughts. Needing multiple applications throughout the day, this travel size was perfect in my bag.  I didn’t do a full length test using this deodorant (I typically like to test a new deodorant around 6-8 weeks while my body adjusts and tweaks are made cause from personal experience one extra swipe could make a difference), but I will.  Maybe I need a few extra swipes or less swipes.  I will report back if anything changes. 🙂

grateful_naturals_organic_sunscreenThe Organic Sunscreen with SPF 35 is the product I was looking forward to the most (as y’all can tell).  And I absolutely love it!  🙂  Every time I use this sunscreen I am always mesmerized by the fact that it leaves no white cast on my face.  It’s been a long time coming to find a natural sunscreen that doesn’t make me look like a ghost (I’m pale enough already!)  🙂  I love how hydrating and moisturizing it is.  So far so good, I get no breakdowns or skin reactions when I use this.  I also love that it contains carrot seed oil and raspberry oil for that extra skincare loving.  Carrot seed oil is great for anti-aging prevention and high in antioxidants.  Raspberry oil has anti-inflammatory properties and also high in antioxidants.  Love love that!  🙂

Full ingredients: Olive oil, Coconut oil, Vitamin E, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Non-nano Zinc Oxide, Carrot Seed oil, Raspberry Oil

grateful_naturals_organic_lip_balmThe Organic Lip Balm is an always a favorite.  As a lip balm (or any lippie product) junkie, I love a good lippie, and this one is a good lippie!  🙂  Grateful Naturals has two flavors for their lip balms: Honey Peppermint and Vanilla Honeysuckle.  I’m always slightly more biased to mint flavored lip balms, so I’m glad Monica sent me the Vanilla Honeysuckle.  Again, it is another flavor I didn’t know I wanted in my arsenal of lippies.  Lately, from my handful of lip balms, I’ve been reaching for the Grateful Naturals one (and no, it’s not cause I’m reviewing their products).  It’s cause this lip balm is very hydrating, which my lips need for this slight weather cool down.  It is also long-lasting—I’ll apply it on and hours later I still feel it there (my friend also feels the same way about this Grateful Naturals lip balm.)  🙂  Plus, that vanilla honeysuckle flavor is balm dot com (yes, I just did that).  🙂

Y’all, I highly recommend checking out Grateful Naturals.  They’re a company that’s doing it natural in all the right places.  🙂

Do you want one?  Check out Travel Set.  Priced at $20.

Don’t forget!  Check out Organic Deodorant.  Priced starting at $6.

This one too!  Check out Organic Sunscreen – SPF 35.  Priced starting at $10.

And this one!  Check out Organic Lip Balm.  Priced at $4.