The one that made me fall in love with foam cleansers again.

Meet Face Cleanser in Mimosa from Paris Honore.  One of my (many) favorite booths from the Indie Beauty Expo here in LA this past January.  As the night was winding down, on my last row of booths, there it was, the beautiful display of Paris Honore.

paris_honore_face_cleanser_hexagonCan we just take a minute first and look at their packaging and attention to detail, though!?!  🙂  There’s no denying my attraction for Paris Honore.  Come on now, packaging alone suckered me in.  The silver, chrome, and black just screams luxury and sophistication, don’t y’all agree?!?  🙂  This face cleanser definitely takes my bathroom counter to a whole other level of luxury.  🙂

However, it wasn’t until I further looked into the brand that the attraction was real.  Paris Honore is “a luxury organic skincare company started by and run by women who all share a passion for natural living and healthy beauty.”  I’m definitely a full supporter for women in business and women choosing to make a positive difference, but it gets even better cause I share their passion for living a natural and healthy lifestyle (beauty included).  Great minds think alike!!!  🙂

Before I start though, a little rewind, it’s been quite some time since I’ve used a non-cleansing oil face cleanser, so I was a bit scared to start using it.  What if it dried out my skin?  What if it made me breakout?  Can my skin go back to a foaming facial cleanser?  All these questions were running through my mind, but hey, if those things did happen, it’s ok, right?!?  🙂


Photo Credit: Paris Honore

So let’s get on to the main event, the Paris Honore Face Cleanser.  🙂  The Paris Honore Face Cleanser is one of the flagship products in Paris Honore’s skincare collection, which I was eager to check it out for many reasons.  At #ibela2017, I got the chance to smell the Mimosa scent—absolutely incredible.  I legit smelled it and was craving a mimosa (which I ended up getting at brunch that very weekend).  The team at Paris Honore was inspired by “sparkling and bright citrus mixed with enlivening spirits of the world’s finest champagne. Brunch and mimosas at Le Louis XV – Alain Ducasse à l’Hôtel de Paris in Monte-Carlo.”  Ummm, I must book a trip to Monte-Carlo stat!  🙂  With hints of citrus, this one right here is very uplifting and reminds me of summa days.  I tried to ask exactly what citrus scents were in the Mimosa blend, but of course they wouldn’t disclose their secret proprietary blend.  I knew I was gonna get that answer, but hey, a girl can try.  🙂  Anyway, this Mimosa is thee best, I want all my skincare products to smell like this.  🙂


Photo Credit: Mountain Rose Herbs

However, the main reason I wanted to test out this face cleanser was cause of the ingredient list.  There’s only two ingredients on the list.  I was shocked—how is that even possible?!?  🙂  But it’s true, just two simple yet powerful ingredients: water and extract of Saponin, which come from soap berries.  What are soap berries y’all ask?  Soap berries are also known as soap nuts and are commonly used as laundry detergent.  They are a plant-based product that comes from the Soapnut Tree.  It’s the shell of the nut itself that contains saponin.  At Paris Honore, they use a proprietary method of extraction, which is a long and expensive process to help maintain the benefits of the raw soap berries.  They further explained to me that “using soap berries sustainably and fair-trade farmed in India and Nepal, we extract the organic saponins using our proprietary processes and formulate our cleansers. By being very careful with this process we can preserve the benefits of the saponins which are known for a wide range of benefits like being inherently anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory.”

To break it down for y’all, the Paris Honore Face Cleanser is formulated to be an organic serum-like cleanser that won’t strip away the natural sebum and oils from the skin and won’t leave the skin feeling dry.  The soap berries saponin is a gentle yet deep cleaning cleanser that will invigorate and promote healthy, luminous, youthful skin.  Due to its natural antibacterial and antifungal properties, this cleanser will also reduce breakouts and remove toxins from the skin.  According to Paris Honore, the face cleanser is proven to leave the skin smoother, softer, and silkier with use.  🙂

paris_honore_face_cleanserNow, after four weeks of testing, the verdict is in.  I used this Face Cleanser in Mimosa twice daily for the past month, and the product itself is better than the packaging!!!  🙂  I always (not even exaggerating) wash my face every night (cause my skincare routine is my daily mini me-time).  Since starting this product, it makes me want to wash my face even more (but I don’t, just twice a day).  The smell is lovely like I’ve already mentioned.  The cleanser has a slight gel like consistency to it and makes a great lather to wash my face.  🙂  This stuff is definitely gentle yet powerful cause it totally removes all trace of makeup on my face.  Even stubborn mascara has no match against the Face Cleanser.  And remember earlier, I was slightly worried about using a foaming facial cleanser, well, no breakouts here, but I did have minimal skin dryness.  Honestly, I attribute that to the cooler winter weather, cause now that it’s starting to warm up in here LA, my skin has not been dry at all.  This proven results of smoother, softer, and silkier results are still up in the air for me though.  🙂  Overall though, I had high expectation for this Face Cleanser (after all, it’s supposed to be luxurious with proven results), and those expectation were met.  🙂


Photo Credit: Paris Honore

So y’all, I love this stuff!!!  🙂  I love everything about it, and I will definitely be using this during the warmer months.  🙂  If y’all are into skincare with natural, clean, and simple ingredients, go check out Paris Honore right now!  Y’all won’t be disappointed, plus they have an array of other scents that I’d love to further check out.  🙂  And if that’s this is not enough to lure y’all into checking out the Face Cleanser, I’m sure this amazing news will—this specific product just won the Global Beauty Industry Award for Best Use of an Ingredient in a Finished Product Award.   A huge congrats is in order for Paris Honore, don’t y’all agree!!!  🙂

Full ingredients: Proprietary extract of Saponin, Deionized Water (Aqua), organic fragrance oil

Do you want one?  Check out Face Cleanser in Mimosa to purchase the full sized 100 ml.  Priced at $49.

This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.