The one battle I refuse to lose.

As I was reflecting on my #greenbeauty journey this past year, I realized that my very first dip into the #greenbeauty world had been in the realm of deodorants (yes, deodorants alone is its own thing).  This was when I decided to stop using the conventional deodorant.  Rewind to couple of years ago, I wanted to stop using them because the results didn’t last very long.  I would use a deodorant, and it would work for a few months.  However, it eventually stopped being effective for me, so I kept switching deodorants.  At that point, I just got fed up and went cold turkey.  That didn’t last very long, I mean, many people do it and have no problems.  Not this girl, I ain’t gonna be shy, but I stank (and it didn’t help that I did it during the summertime).

Being a Pinterest lover that I am (I bet y’all know and experience that spiraling world of Pinterest), I seeked out diy deodorant recipes.  I tried them (and realized I don’t particular like the cream versions), but that didn’t last too long either cause a stank was there.  But it wasn’t a bad stank like previously with conventional deodorants, it was just different.  Since, I’m really not shy about it (I ramble about this to family and friends), a lil background to know (just in case, any of y’all are feeling what I’m feeling):

  1. I typically don’t sweat. I can seriously be doing cardio at the gym for a good 15min before I start to break a sweat.
  2. I’ve suffered from my deodorant stank for a long time. I’m just a smelly person, but I’m highly hygienic (like OCD status cleanliness).
  3. Nothing works for me…yet. I’m really hoping to change that and find that magical deodorizer to keep me fresh all day and night long.

So, now present day, I have given myself a 2016 stank-free challenge.  Let’s face it, deodorants are individually and personally liked and used.  If y’all got any recommendations, throw them my way.  If y’all wanna join in on the challenge, welcome and best of luck.  I will be giving periodic updates along this epic journey, so check back in with me.  Here’s to a stank-free 2016!!!

stank_free_deodorant_challenge_closeupI currently have four deodorants to experiment with:

  • Green Tidings All Natural Deodorant in Lavender
  • Primally Pure Deodorant in Lemongrass
  • Blissoma Scentless Stick Solid Natural Deodorant
  • Honestly pHresh Sugar Mint Natural Deodorant

I hope one will be victorious and help me find the right one for me.  May your pits be #stankfree.