The one day dedicated to coffee.

Happy National Coffee Day!  In celebration of this day, I’d like to give a quick shoutout to my top three favorite coffee spots in the Los Angeles area.  Unfortunately, Starbucks didn’t make the cut this year.

Jones Coffee Roasters

jones_coffee_mocha_no_whipLocated in Pasadena, Jones Coffee Roasters roasts their coffee beans in-house.  Situated in a warehouse-esque building, the décor is constantly changing.  From mismatched chairs to the wall art gallery, y’all will find no internet access here.  Thank goodness!  Most coffee spots cater to those that need to connect to a wifi, and pretty much spend half a day taking up a table to themselves.  I know cause I was one of those people.  At Jones, it a perfect opportunity to sit with a friend, grab your favorite caffeinated (or decaffeinated) beverage, and chat.

I think I can truly say that I’ve probably orders half the drinks on their menu.  Depending on the time of the day, I kinda sorta decide what I’ll be ordering.  I mean, I really don’t need a 3 shot espresso at 5pm knowing I need to go to bed at the reasonable time.  Their house coffee, delish.  Their Aztec mocha, the bf’s fave.  Their mocha latte, not too sweet.  The folks at Jones really take their time to craft the utmost beverage of your desire.  They definitely know what they’re doing!  🙂

Green Door Powered by Intelligentsia

When Intelligentsia is involved, good coffee is happening.  Green Door recently opened in the Southbay area this past Spring/Summer ish time (their soft opening started in May and didn’t official open until June).  I actually live nearby and kept seeing this place with a big green door but never looked it up.  Until one afternoon, the bf was browsing yelp for coffee and found the Green Door.  At the time, it was still their soft opening, so still a lot of tweaks happening.  I would say their décor is a modern steampunk, but that’s totally my opinion.  Lots of tables to sit at both inside and out.  I personally like to sit at this spot that has chairs that look like a spaceship.  🙂  Lots of outlets.  Yes, they have wifi, but I ain’t hatin cause I’ve sat there for a couple hours before.  🙂  But it’s still a place where y’all can sit down and catch up with a friend.

green_door_iced_mochaI’ve had Intelligentsia coffee before, so I knew Green Door wouldn’t disappoint.  But, their Iced Mocha is the best I’ve ever had.  I seriously went to the Green Door three times in one week and kept getting their Iced Mocha.  It’s the perfect balance between coffee, chocolate, and sweetness.  Apparently, they spent a straight week perfecting their own recipe for this glorious Iced Mocha.  It’s definitely a must try.  Though, people are raving about their Iced Matcha Latte, just to let y’all know.


So I’ve only been here once (and it was over this past weekend), but I’m hooked.  GiorgiPorgi recently opened up in DTLA and is quickly becoming the newest and hottest place to check out for coffee.  Totally trending.  Because the bf loves coffee and it was his birthday, our couple friends and us, we all wanted to check it out for the first time.  The feel of this place is more like a fancy handcrafted cocktail bar minus the fancy because of the concrete everything and moss tunnel.  If y’all are planning to come, be ready for some photo ops.  🙂  The folks at GiorgiPorgi are just so hospitable and feel more like friends, and they can surely make a very well handcrafted coffee drink.

Oddly to say though, I didn’t order a beverage from GiorgiPorgi (I already had my fix of caffeine earlier that day), but I did take sip sips from everyone else’s drinks.  Whether you’re drinking an iced coffee or a shot or espresso, they really think about every detail when serving their drinks.  Cold drinks are served in cold frosted glasses.  Espressos are served in a cone shaped vessel.  On details alone, I’m hooked on this place.  🙂

gioripiogi_iced_coffee_with_bourbon gioripiogi_espresso

There it is y’all.  If y’all live in LA or are making plans to visit, please check out these three places to get your coffee on!  🙂