The one where I had my first solo travel experience.

Meet Ojai, California.  For those not familiar with Ojai, it is located just under 90 miles northwest of Los Angeles.  It’s a small city in Ventura County that’s nestled in a valley within the Topatopa Mountains.

I really felt like I need some personal alone time to clear my head and reset my soul.  Sometimes the daily (and unexpected) everyday commotion often gets the better of us, and we suddenly live like “robots” in a sense (or at least that’s what it feels like to me.)  It gets a little monotonous doing the same or similar tasks on a routine basis, but it has to be done.  So as part of my personal journey of 2017, I wanted to spice things up with a monthly destination.

Ojai has always been a weekend destination I wanted to explore cause I know I don’t have to travel very far (aka take a plane).  So I booked a super duper late minute getaway last weekend cause it was the perfect opportunity—a weekend alone, in need of much R&R, and seeking of an anew adventure.  That’s when a light bulb turned on and Ojai immediately came into mind.  🙂  I love when the stars align.  When I think of Ojai, I think of a quiet town in tune with nature and relax—just what I was looking for.  🙂

As I was booking my weekend festivities, I realized Ojai has so much to offer, not just for a solo adventure but perfect for a romantic getaway or a family outing.  For my weekend in Ojai, I had one agenda in mind—to have a peaceful self-care weekend.  🙂  So I booked a spa day and everything else was left up in the air.  🙂

I arrived on Friday a lil later than expected cause ya know, LA traffic.  🙂  I headed straight to NoSo Vita for some grub.  Seriously, how cute is this place!  Love the affirmations all around.  Such a great way to start my trip.  Oh, and the food, so good y’all.  I’m such a sucker for a BTL sandwich, and NoSo Vita definitely delivered some quality bacon, lettuce, and tomato.  I topped that with a Cold Craft Draft Coffee.  The bf would like this one, a lot!  🙂


NoSo Vita says that they’re “a social café because everything we do is to inspires social interaction, creation, and aliveness.”  They’re food and drink menu is definitely on point!  It was truly difficult for me to choose what I wanted to get cause I want to try them all.  They got a variety of breakfast items, sandwiches, and salads.  Their coffee are organic and fair trade.  They serve teas and some contain adaptogen herbs (I’m trying one of those next time).  They even got draft kombucha.  NoSo Vita is definitely a place y’all have to check out if y’all are ever in Ojai.  🙂


After feeding my belly, I made my way towards the shops (but of course, this girl can shop, lemme tell y’all).  🙂  So I stumble my way to a local honey storefront, Heavenly Honey.  Here I did a honey tasting, which was maybe the best thing ever.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to go wine tasting, but honey tasting is right up there.  I’ve always had an affinity for honey ever since I was a kid.  I remember going to the farmer’s market with my mom on the weekend and always picking up some honey sticks for my sisters and me.  The honey tasting was such a great experience.  I think this was my first chance at tasting a variety of honeys and comparing the flavors with one another.  But the best part of it all was getting the opportunity to chat with Lynda, who told me about her relationship with honey, which was started by her late-husband.


Heavenly Honey is offers pure, raw, and all natural honey using their own bee keepers in local Ojai.  Like the various honey flavors, honey has so many health benefits.  The Heavenly Honey website has a Resource section filled with more information about the benefits of honey and it useful remedies.  After chitchatting with Lynda about my seasonal allergies.  She actually recommended the Wildflower Honey to aid in allergy relief.  Being that their bees pollinate within a 90 mile radius of Los Angeles, it could be useful for me and my situation.  Love it!  I need better remedies to help keep my allergies at bay.  🙂

I then made my way to my Airbnb to unwind for the rest of the day.  I surely made an awesome decision with my last minute booking nighttime accommodations.  Though, I initially intended to spend the night at the spa resort (that’ll be for another trip).  Unfortunately, it was all booked up.  But fortunately, I came upon this cute humble abode.  It was tucked away just out of Ojai’s main street.  And I was surrounded by these gorgeous views and peace and quiet.  Just what I needed.  🙂


But of course, I get to wake up to this beautiful view as well.  🙂

I kicked off my spa day with a green smoothie from Trublend.  I order the Green Passion, which is loaded with banana, mango, spinach, ginger, dates, pineapple, cucumber, coconut water, kale, lime, and orange juice.  According to Trublend, the Green Passion is rich in Vitamin C, contains anti-inflammatory properties, and is very hydrating—I said it’s a winner for a spa day.  🙂


Trublend is definitely a spot of check out while in Ojai, as they are the “only true super food smoothie and juice bar serving healthy and delicious hand crafted blends.”  I love that they use organic ingredients if and when possible and all their blends are dairy free and contain no artificial ingredients.  I love love love that!  They even got nitro coffee and tea (yes, tea) on tap.  They’re doing all the right things at Trublend, and I can’t wait to come back and order something different.  🙂

And now to the main event.  I splurged a lil on my spa adventure at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa.  This place is absolutely stunning, so stunning that I want to live there forever.  Can I just be a permanent resident, please!?!  🙂  So as I made my way to the Spa Village, I had the greatest pleasure of driving through the resort, in between the cute villas and a huge golf course.  This place is nothing short of extraordinary.  Definitely at least an overnight stay on my next trio up here.


So I booked a 3pm Himalayan Salt Stone Massage.  I’m always on the fence about whether I wanna book my massage earlier in the day or later on.  Earlier in the day kinda just sets the tone for the rest of a relaxing day.  However, if I book later, I can enjoy all the amenities without feeling “rushed” or not doing the spa in “the correct order.”  (I’m a lil OCD like that).  🙂  Anyway, I’m glad was glad my treatment was at that time.  I got to settle in when I arrived and walked around the premises.  I gathered my poolside necessities—Suntegrity Natural Mineral Sunscreen for Body Broad Spectrum SPF 30, Sonage Protec Plus Natural SPF 30 for the face, a book, and my fave sunnies.  🙂  I pooled, I (tried) to tan, I ate, I drank, I massaged, and most of all, I relaxed.  🙂

As much fun as I had doing a solo self-care getaway, I know the bf would love Ojai just as much.  🙂  I’m thinking a couple’s trip sometime soon.  Sneak in some time at Meditation Mount, some hot springs action, a hike or two, a komucha tasting or even a wine tasting, and of course a day at Ojai Valley Inn & Spa.  🙂  I had a blast y’all at Ojai, so much so that this will be the place I retire in the future. 🙂  One day!