The one with the round-up.

The year is coming to an end (already)!  I know, soooo soon, right!?!  It’s been a year of challenges, specially a #stankfreechallenge.  As I promised, here’s my years’ worth of #stankfreechallenge products all in one lump some.  🙂  If y’all are lost about what I’m talking about check out the STANK FREE CHALLENGE post and STANK FREE CHALLENGE UPDATE post.



“Meet Scentless Stick Solid Natural Deodorant from Blissoma.  It just didn’t apply well for me, but apparently that’s an issue Blissoma improved on.  The deodorizing just didn’t last very long.  Maybe it’s because the texture can’t uphold to its deodorizing capabilities.  I felt like I was constantly needing to reapply.  I really wished I liked this.  I was hoping that the use of bentonite clay could reduce the perspiration by absorbing it like it’s created to do so.  I don’t like the texture (but I’m sure the newer formula is better).  I don’t like I had to keep reapplying this on throughout the day.  Sorry, but I don’t want to add a product in my purse if I really don’t have to.  Despite all this, I am open and willing to try out the updated recipe.”



“Meet Lemongrass Deodorant from Primally Pure.  It’s creamy and definitely could pass as a cream deodorant if it was packaged that way.  It applies and blends every well to the underarms.  From trial and error, y’all only need the thinnest application to get the job done.  It never steers me wrong.  Whether the day is warmer or cooler, all I really need is three light swipes.  No reapplication during the day was ever needed!  :)”



“Meet Extra Strength Sport Deodorant from Violets Are Blue Skincare.  This is a roll-on type!  After two weeks of consistent use, I hate to cut a #stankfreechallenge update short, but with this one I just had too.  Initially, I thought I wasn’t seeing results just because it was a new product and my body needed to adjust to a roll-on type.  But a week later I still noticed that the deodorant would just not work for me within hours of application.  I seriously had to apply this deodorant multiple times a day and still the same results of not smelling good.  I exhausted all efforts on my part to experiment with it, and it just wasn’t reliable for me.  It came to a point (and I’m sad to say this) where I was embarrassed when I used it because it simple just didn’t get the #stankfree job done.”



“Meet Sugar Mint Natural Deodorant from Honestly pHresh.  Honestly, this did not smell like sugar mint.  I mean, does sugar even have a scent to it?!?  Though, to me, it smells more like green apple, which I really don’t mind at all.  This one was alright for me.  By the end of the day, there was no stank.  But I didn’t smell the greatest either.  It was a neutral smell for me.  At least I didn’t smell bad, right?!?  Which is the primary purpose for the #stankfreechallenge.  🙂  So after having no problems with this deodorant for about a month’s use, all of a sudden, I developed a bad reaction to it.  I started to get this red and painful burning sensation to my armpits.  Very very new to me.  I know for a fact that I don’t have a reaction to baking soda because I have used a handful of deodorants that contain baking soda and have never had a single reaction.  I know, it’s very odd.  At that time, I didn’t change any body care products, so it must be the deodorant (sorry, to call ya out).  This reaction only happened to my underarms, and with daily use, it started to get worse.  So sadly, I had to stop using it.”



“Meet (the new and improved) Scentless Stick Solid Natural Deodorant from Blissoma.  It guides perfectly onto my underarms.  I don’t feel that gritty roughness during application.  A couple swipes and I’m fully armed for the rest of the day.  OMG!  I love it!  No smell whatsoever!  Which is awesome because I can layer on my perfume without the fragrances mixing together.  Unlike the older formula, the deodorizing effect lasted all day.  For me, this holds up throughout the day specially during this hot summer in LA.  It’s a keeper y’all!  :)”



“Meet Organic Deodorant from the Travel Set from Grateful Naturals.  I loved the texture of this deodorant.  I had really high hopes for this one.  Monica mentioned that she reformulated and that, so far, her customers had positive results.  I’m probably the oddball with seriously unusual sweat glands, but I still smelled after a few hours of application.  I contacted Monica for some guidance, and she swiftly replied that others have reapplied during the day.”



“Meet Citrus Deodorant from Lone.  While I did enjoy that this deodorant kept me smelling good after a day’s use, I did not like that it left a residue to my underarms.  Even though I’ve adjusted how much I applied and still with one light swipe, I ended up with residue on my underarms.  Within a few hours is when I notice the residue, which is visible to the eye.  In fact, my sister commented that I had “deodorant balls,” which made me more aware of the situation.  It’s just not visual appealing, and it really left me feeling self-conscious the rest of the day.”

Stay tuned y’all for another year of #stankfreechallenge(s).  I have high hopes that 2017 will be a completely #stankfree year.  Do y’all have any recommendations or any deodorants y’all want me to check out?  Lemme know!  Here’s to finishing off the year #stankfree!  May your pits be #stankfree.