The one thing I should have mentioned.

I knew when I first started the #stankfreechallenge (STANK FREE CHALLENGE post) that I was going to struggle.  It’s life, people struggle with challenges.  If not, then it’s not a challenge.  Everything about this challenge screams difficulty level: high!  Seriously, I’m trying to find a deodorant that will actually work for me.  The logistics, I didn’t even know where to begin or how I would carry this out.  Should I try them all out at once?  Or should I stick to one product?  If I stick to one product, how long do I test it out for?  How long is too long to know when it just isn’t working?  If it works, should I continue the challenge?  What criteria am I going to use to fairly judge each product?  Why am I doing this again?  All these questions, no answers…initially.

The answers, I thought long (really, not that long) and hard and came up with the answers to my questions.  My approach is to open each deodorant one at a time.  So, that means I will be using only one product.  I can’t give an accurate timeline to test a deodorant out.  But this is what I suggest:

  • If you are switching from a conventional deodorant, you might experience a detox reaction, which could consist of anything from a rash to increased perspiration to feeling stinkier than usual. In this case, stick out it for a month so your body can fully detox all the chemical residue, dead skin cells, and gunk from your pits.
  • If you have already switched from a conventional deodorant but just shopping around to find the best deodorizer for you. I’d still give a 4-6 week trial period.  It’s unfair to test a product for a week and assume it’s not effective based on the short term results.  I say continue using it.  I’m going to deem 8 weeks my max trial length (that’s my personal preference, no need to prolong the inevitable).

I briefly touched on the deodorant detoxification.  So, you might be wondering what it is?  Conventional deodorants are loaded with chemicals and toxins that are plainly not good for your body (a thing I’ve learned while searching for diy deodorant recipes).  The continued use of these anti-perspirants, unseen chemical residue, and dead skin cells build up aren’t very healthy and just plain nasty.  So when you switch to a more natural clean deodorizer, your body is signaling to itself that there is something different going on and may react to those changes.

  • One reaction could be a harmless rash, though uncomfortable and unpleasant, it’s one of the body’s way of getting rid of that unwanted build up. You know how you get a rash after a bug bite, your skin turns red and slightly swells, its that similar reaction that’s happening to your pits.  Anti-inflammatory cells are gathering there to get rid of the bad toxins.
  • Another reaction could be increased perspiration. Defeats the whole purpose of using or switching an anti-perspirants?  It’s actually a good thing.  With toxins in conventional deodorants, certain chemicals are blocking sweat glands from sweating.  Sounds great, right?  No, because you should be sweating.  Yes, it may be embarrassing, but sweating is a natural process your body does to control your core temperature.  When it’s too hot outside or you have a fever, your body is attempting to dissipate that increased temperature by cooling it down through perspiring.  Let your body do its thing and sweat.  With continued use of natural nontoxic deodorants your body will learn to adjust and you will actually perspire less.
  • Oh, but now you’re stinkier you say? That’s because your body is now getting rid of all that build up I’ve mentioned before, you know, the chemical toxins, dead skin cells, and even the linger bacteria in your pits.  It’s temporary and, again, your body will learn to adjust.

If the detoxification process sounds too much or is unbearable.  I’ve found some helping techniques to help you along your journey.

  • Stay hydrated and drink more water. Your body is going through a detox process and drinking plenty of water will help through that.  Plus, you’re perspiring more, right?  Replenish those lost fluid with water, it does the body good.
  • Since you’re sweating more, battle that sweat with more sweat. Go to the gym, go for a run, go take a yoga class, go in the sauna, get sweatier.  Train your sweat glands to sweat the “right” your body should be sweating.
  • Dress the part. Wear breathable natural fibers like cotton, hemp, bamboo to help wick perspiration away from your body.  Synthetic fibers like polyester may trap in the moisture and house bacteria.
  • Be mindful of what you eat. You’re try to flush toxins out.  Go for fresh food, plus they taste better.

Well, I hope I didn’t overwhelm y’all.  I mean no harm, I promise.  I’ve been through the deodorant detox journey, it wasn’t very fun (specially during summatime).  Now, I’m going through my next journey to find that magical deodorizer to cure my stank.  Don’t hesitate you share your experience, ask questions, give advice, etc.  The more the merrier and highly highly welcomed.  🙂

For the challenge, I’ve decided to base the criteria on the following factors:

  • It’s an important factor because I want to be use the products I use contain to chemicals and toxins.
  • Does it apply well?
  • It may be a weird criteria, but does it leave any residue or color?
  • The initial smell test. Is it unscented or scented?  If it’s scented, how does it smell?
  • Final smell test. How long did the scent last?  Did I have to reapply?
  • Final thoughts. What I like about it?  What don’t I like about it?  Will I try it again?  Will I repurchase?  How and to whom I recommend it to?

If I missed anything that y’all like to know, again, feel free to comment.  I’m hoping for a happy #stankfreechallenge.  May your pits be #stankfree.