The one good ol’ cup of joe for the skin.

Meet Coffee and its sidekick Caffeine.  For most people, coffee is a morning (can be afternoon and evening) staple.  How do y’all take your caffeine?!?  A freshly brewed cup of coffee?  A skinny vanilla soy latte?  A simple espresso?  The Cuban style Cortadito?  Or extra foamy like the Grecian Iced Espresso?  However y’all like it, may it be strong and effective.  🙂

For those that make your own coffee beverages at home, wait a minute before y’all throw those used coffee grinds away.  Y’all may find a second use for them, in a beautifying way.  🙂  Here are 6 ways to recycle and reuse your coffee.

Exfoliant.  Y’all can repurpose the coffee grounds into a natural homemade body scrub.  It helps slough off your dead skin cells without being too abrasive.  It’s summer, so reveal your healthy and smooth skin with your morning coffee leftovers.  🙂

Tighten.  Coffee infused lotions and oils can temporarily reduce the visibility of cellulite.  Coffee is a diuretic and draws fluid away from fat cells, which make cellulite look as though they’ve “shrunk” and giving y’all the perception of skin tightening.  🙂

Brighten.  Coffee has stimulating properties that work to make the skin look for bright and radiant.  🙂

Depuff.  It’s well-known that caffeine helps to depuff under-eye bags.  Caffeine has the ability to constrict blood vessels and reduce inflammation to minimize dark circles and sagging skin under the eyes.  It works, so pick an eye cream that’s infused with caffeine.  🙂

Antioxidant Properties.  Surprisingly, a cup of coffee can actually be beneficial as it is packed with a punch of powerful antioxidants.  Such as, flavonoids to help fight premature aging caused by environmental stressors.  But that doesn’t mean y’all should be constantly refilling that cup though.  🙂

Hair Protection.  The antioxidant properties mentioned above can also help protect your hair.  A quick coffee hair rinse can prevent breakage and restore your hair’s natural shine.  Those with blonde hair, I’d use caution with this one.  🙂

cocoroo_total_rejavanation_body_scrub_closeupI used to make my own coffee body scrub, when I used to “steal” my mom’s used Keurig Cups.  🙂  However, that all changed when I was introduced to the CocoRoo Total ReJAVAnation Body Scrub.  It comes in a tube form and super easy to use and store.  (A lil advice, be careful to avoid contaminating your homemade coffee body scrub with water.  In this case, water is your enemy.)  🙂  It’s a great body scrub and not harsh on the skin.  I specially like using this in the morning, so that I already get that morning punch of coffee without having any actual coffee yet.  🙂

Full ingredients: Cold-Pressed Almond Oil, Organic Arabica Coffee Beans, Cold-Pressed Macadamia Nut Oil, Organic Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil, Natural Silica

cocoroo_moisturizing_lotion_body_scrubHow do y’all incorporate coffee and caffeine in your beauty routine?

Do you want one?  Check out CocoRoo Total ReJAVAnation Body Scrub along with the CocoRoo Naturally Naked Organic Coconut Moisturizing Lotion to purchase both.  Priced at $30.